Theft Protection
for Keyless Car Systems

Secure your car in 1 minute. With esperta’s smart battery you can theft protect any car using a keyless car key. Simply replace your old battery with our sensor-equipped 2032/2450 batteries.
keep it still, keep it safe

Suitable for all common car brands and keys with button cells in the sizes
CR2032 or CR 2450


  • Millions of used cars are at high risk to be stolen
  • Cars with a normal keyless car key can easily be hijacked
  • esperta solves a verified global problem
  • esperta secures any used and pre-owned car
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“The esperta Secure Coincells are our first such small and dense device. It was without doubt the main factor to our success."

Guido Weckwerth
CKO & Founder

esperta highlights

  • Simple to use and install
  • The world’s first smart battery
  • 100% tested before delivery
  • Sensor-equipped batteries
  • CE-certified
  • Patented
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“The 2032 & 2450 secure technology is something I was looking for myself since years - now we build it ourselves”

Kai Karstensen, CEO & Founder

"The best innovation I've seen over the last years. Extremely simple to install. Works immediately without setups”

Lisbeth Silvester
CEO & Founder

Get Started

  • order your 2032 or 2450 secure esperta battery
  • replace the existing one in your keyless key
  • done - movement sensor is integrated
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