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49.99 €

For people who wants to test it and with only one key

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For B2B customers and already convinced persons with a lot of keyless or other use case usages

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One device, all you need

Suitable for all common car brands and keys with button cells in the sizes
CR2032 or CR 2450

"The best innovation I've seen over the last years. Extremely simple to install. Works immediately without setups”

Lisbeth Silvester
CEO & Founder
Question 1

Will it fit for my car key?

If you have a CR2032 or CR2450 size battery: YES

Question 2

What, if my car does not open, when I'm in front of it?

Check if the esperta device is probably out of power, as it was used by a longer time. Shake the key. If nothing happens, it has to be replaced.

Question 3

Does the esperta secure device harm my key?

No. You can envisage that the esperta secure device behaves in the non motion state like a normal empty battery. What are you doing with an empty battery?: you replace it, and your key works as before.
What are you doing with an esperta device?: you move it, and your key works as before!

Question 4

How can I use the esperta secure device?

1. Check how you can replace a battery in your car-key by reading the manual or asking your friendly garage team

2. Take the normal CR2032 or CR2450 battery out of your car key and replace it with the esperta security device

3. ready to use

Question 5

How does esperta secure device work?

We are using modern Ultra-Low-Power Ultra-Small intelligent Microprocessor technology.
Movements were detected. If a movement is only for a short time, like one movement within a couple of seconds, the device stays off,

If the movement takes longer, the esperta device powers the outside and stays on until for a longer period, a couple of minutes, no movement is detected.
Then the esperta secure device shuts off.

So simple. so effective. and nothing more.

Keep it still, keep it safe