Learn how 2032 / 2450 secure will help you in five simple steps.

The esperta keyless protection is made so simple that everybody can use it immediately without reading a manual.

Simply Simple

Keep it still, keep it safe.
Just replace the old 2032 or 2450 battery in your car key with the esperta security type - that's all.
Your car key is from that point on secured when it's not in movement.

Micro Processor controled

Ultra-Low-Power Ultra-Small Mirco-Processor technology is integrated into the 2032 and 2450 devices. Intelligent programming with motion sensor detects if your key is in use or not.

Theft Protection

Due to the functionality of:
Thieves can't steal the car by highjacking the wireless key signal

Multiple Use

As the form factors are 2032 and 2450, it can be used also at other various places, where the functionality is needed - not ONLY for cars !
Be inspired!

Automatic Shutdown

The 2032 and 2450 devices noticing movement: a short one is detected as an accidental move and nothing happens, a longer movement leads to a controlled switch on and an automatic shutdown after the movement

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High-converting, high-performing,

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    Coin Cell batteries can be simply replaced
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    Nearly no power is needed when esperta secure is in sleep mode
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    Integrates with all your favorite keyless car keys
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    100% money back guarantee
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“The esperta secure devices were one of our greatest ideas, as it is so simple to use."

Peter Stieda
Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Impress the Thieves with a non existing keyless signal

  • No movement - no signal
  • Carefully selected high tech components.
  • Always available.
  • Done-for-you setup and ready to use
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“No other product let me feel so enthusiastic within a short time. Setup and usage is one step"

Kai Karstensen, CEO & Founder
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"If I would had this device before, my former car would be still with me. Now I have the 2032 secure and it simply works.”

Nils Karstensen
CTO & Founder

Get Started

  • order your 2032 or 2450 secure esperta battery
  • replace the existing one in your keyless key
  • done - movement sensor is integrated
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