Knowledge, flexibility and ideas - the basis of our success.

Decades of personal experience make our products what they are:
simply good

The esperta Story

than 30 years in the world of electronics.

The founders of esperta come from different areas: Research, precision electronics, production of electronic components and worldwide sales of products form the basis of esperta. There are also international employees from the areas of hardware development, software and firmware as well as marketing and social media. A competent team in logistics, purchasing and administration complete the workforce around esperta.

The decades of international experience of all employees in these areas allow ideas that have long been available in patented form to be turned into reality.

We have integrated all of our knowledge and empathy into our products in order to guarantee the greatest possible benefit for our customers with little effort.esperta was founded 2020 in Berlin / Germany for the development and production of our smart theft protection batteries, combined with expertise and experience of more

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Get To Know The Team

Kai Karstensen

Ceo & founder

Entrepreneur, chief of sales, idea driver - experience since more than 30 years in production and worldwide distribution of electronic components.

Guido Weckwerth

CKO, Co-FounDer

A creative, focused and experienced mind always working with cutting edge technologies which help him to form complex systems. In the last thirty years he invented a good list of todays technology and yet has ideas for the next thirty years.

Peter Stieda

Co-CEO, co-founder

Since decades in the computer business he has developed a sharp focus on customer demands. Driven by the urge for results he identifies and elevates solutions which provide the maximum benefit to the customer.


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